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We offer a safe, natural, and drug-free approach to health and healing for your entire family.

Wonderfully gentle and diverse in our work, we have been raising healthy families locally for 22 years. Whether it’s creating small miracles, changing lives, or helping people to live better with less pain, it’s what we do!

Based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls every other system in your body: such as your heart, lungs, digestive, hormones and immune system; we focus on the relationships between the natural alignment of your body and the vital communication pathways with your brain.

We offer an appropriate, safe and effective for all ages and conditions. Various gentle techniques are used in practice, all with your best care needs in mind.

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What We Do

Instead of treating the symptoms with medications, your practitioner will examine your neuromuscular system through the lens of the three “T’s”: Thought stress includes mental stress and pressure (both positive and negative), emotional upsets, attitudes, beliefs, and self-talk. Trauma stress can be physical and emotional — from birth, falls, accidents and life incidents.

Toxic stress can be due to poor diets, chemical or environmental exposures, and medications. Another important element is a spiritual one: with regards to who you are, what grounds you and creates safety for you, who is your family, your sense of purpose and sense of belongingness. Each and every element is interactive with the others. These stressors can place undue pressure on your spirit, mind and body; challenging its ability to adapt and thrive. When you can no longer adapt, everyday things can become a struggle, and this can lead to dis-ease in your system.

Using a holistic approach, gentle adjustments, nutritional guidance or emotional clearing techniques will be used to help shift the interference, to help restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We love watching families grow generation by generation into their best active, healthy and fulfilling lives!

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