First visit

New Practice Member Session

Your first session will involve a full health and life history, and physical examination. Imaging studies such as x-ray and MRI may be requested, as well as any recent blood results. We gather as much information as we can to create a more complete picture for each individual.

Second visit

Report of Findings/Agreements

A course of care, unique to your needs, will incorporate gentle adjustment methods, exercise, HeartSpeak (emotional clearing), bodywork and nutritional recommendations based on our core functional health principles. We do not treat specific conditions. We help your body to function and express itself better. Your body does the healing. Your plan will be aimed at your personal needs, whether it’s to have a better birth experience, create ease with breastfeeding, early infant care and development, ease pain, improve your game, or to bring better connection, health, wellness and vitality to your years.

Continued visits

Regular Adjustments

Each adjustment builds on the next. Following your agreed course of care will help you to get there faster. We truly have your best interests and best health at heart!

Booking Appointment / Payment

The new practice member and report of findings sessions are longer sessions, and they are generally booked within 48 hours of each other. Payment is taken upfront for the new practice member consultation and examination, and from there you may choose to pay as you go or pay for sessions in advance. Payments for any type of session can be made via BACs

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